Virtual Classroom

Upcoming Virtual Classes

July 6

ACADRI has developed Virtual Classroom Training Technology to respond to COVID-19 Restrictions. Our virtual classroom courses provide real-time instructor-led learning using state of the art classroom technology. In these courses Participants interact, view, and discuss presentations.

In these virtual classes, participants work on class activities the same way as the physical classroom setting. They work on group exercises, brainstormingand individual presentations using an interactive white board and screen sharing applications all online.

Why virtual classroom training

  1. Live interactive Training with Expert Facilitators
  2. No need to move, Learn from the comfort of your home or office
  3. Record the entire class so that you can be able to watch it later
  4. Discuss with other attending participants from across the world in real time
  5. Use interactive technology to learn

If you would like to arrange something special for an individual, group or specific training for your organization please get in touch, send us an email to discuss more.