Computer Applications, Document Processing and Records Management

 Records are valuable assets that support the organization’s decision-making process. Organizations produce information daily which must be compiled, organized and stored to enhance the organizations’ operational efficiency. The changing operational environment of modern organizations and businesses require processing and presentation of information in the shortest period using information technology. This course covers various aspects related to processing and organizing documents in the organization and effectively storing and retrieving records.

In this course, we introduce the participant to system applications used in records and document management within an organisation. It is meant to help new users and those who have never used Electronic Records and Document Management Systems (ERDMS) before to become familiar with the workings of electronic records and document management.

In records management, information technology is increasingly being used to manage records in private organisations and in government. It is therefore important that anyone working in a record-keeping unit or supervising a registry to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to enable him to work in an automated records management environment. He must also understand the relationship between managing records in manual systems and in an electronic environment.


By the end of this course participants should be able to: 

  • Know the computer jargon and applications used in document processing, control, and records management.
  • Process all organizational records using modern EDM systems and other computer applications
  • Identify the sources of risks and goals for the document control processes and policies
  • Develop document processing and control framework for the organization in line with set international records management practices
  • Know the rules relating to document control and know how to integrate them into your organization’s operations to create a low risk and compliant processes
  • Know the current approaches to records management in a computerized work environment
  • Use the available technology and policy to support document management, control data and ensure records and information security

Delivery Methods

The course will be delivered online using lecture videos, readings, online discussions to ensure that the learners understand the materials and concepts in the course especially in relation to their duties. Assignments will be given out and learners will be expected to do the work within a stipulated time to ensure that they can translate what has been taught in their work environment.

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Computer Applications, Document Processing and Records Management